Citizens of Minsk

Minsk City Hall instituted the title "Honorary Citizen of Minsk" in September 1967. The title is awarded for the service to the city and considerable contribution to social and economic, scientific and cultural development of the city and high achievements in professional and public activity. The first honorees were tank corps commander Aleksei Burdeiny, tank platoon commander Nikolai Kolychev who distinguished themselves in the battles to liberate Minsk in 1944, and Hero of Socialist Labor, constructor Denis Bulakhov who made a great contribution to the postwar restoration of the city.

Mr Alferov, Zhores Ivanovich

Physicist, Academician and Vice President of the Russian Academy of Sciences, President of St. Petersburg Nanotechnology Research and Education Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Foreign Member of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus and academies of other countries. Honorary Doctor, Honorary Professor, member of many foreign and Russian universities, institutes, academies and associations. Nobel Prize winner in physics in 2000.

Mr Antonov, Ignaty Petrovich (1922-2015)

Professor, Doctor of Medicine, Academician of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, corresponding member of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences, Honored Worker of Science of the BSSR, People's Doctor of Belarus. Veteran of the Great Patriotic War. Went through the war from Stalingrad to Koenigsberg, carried 128 wounded soldiers and commanders away from the battle field. Participated in the battles for the liberation of Belarus.

Mr Barashkin, Dmitry Ivanovich (1922-2004)

Hero of Socialist Labor, steel melter at Minsk Automobile Plant. Member of the partisan group Progress during the Great Patriotic War. Made a big contribution to the project to upgrade a steel melting furnace at Minsk Automobile Plant to produce more than 6 tonnes of liquid metal per one melting operation.

Ms Belova, Yelena Dmitrievna

Belarusian sportswoman (foil fencing), USSR Honorary Master of Sports, Honorary Worker of Physical Culture, Honorary Coach of Belarus; Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Professor. Olympic champion (1968, 1972, 1976), silver (1980) and bronze (1976) medalist of Olympic Games. Record holder in terms of a number of gold medals in foil fencing among women; included in the Guinness Book of World Records.

Ms Birich, Tatiana Vasilievna (1904-1993)

Hero of Socialist Labor, corresponding member of the BSSR Academy of Sciences, Honorary Worker of Science of the BSSR, Honorary Doctor of the BSSR, Professor and visiting lecturer at Minsk Medical Institute's department of eye disorders. Author of more than 150 research studies in oxygen therapy of eye disorders, treatment of tuberculosis and burns on the eyes, glaucoma, trachoma, cataract extraction using low temperatures, and retinal hemorrhage in newborns.

Mr Brovka, Piotr Ustinovich (1905-1980)

Hero of Socialist Labor, People's Poet of the BSSR, Academician of the Academy of Sciences of Belarus, Honorary Worker of Sciences of the BSSR, public figure. First editor-in-chief of the Byelorussian Soviet Encyclopedia. Author of such collections of poems as the Fragrant Thyme, The Days Go By, Day and Night and many other works.

Mr Bulakhov, Denis Grigoryevich (1905-1984)

Hero of Socialist Labor, painter at construction company No.4, veteran of the Great Patriotic War. Headed a construction brigade in Minsk in 1946. Took part in the construction of the Minsk Gate, the State Department Store, the Palace of Culture of Trade Unions, 43 high-risers, including schools, kindergartens, residential dwellings, and industrial premises.

Mr Burdeiny, Aleksei Semyonovich (1908-1987)

ero of the Soviet Union. Was drafted to the army during the Great Patriotic War in June 1941. Took part in the battles to defend Lvov, Kiev, Kharkov, the battles of Voronezh, Stalingrad and Kursk, to liberate Belarus, Lithuania, and in the battles in East Prussia. The armored corps under the command of Aleksei Burdeiny was the first to enter Minsk on 3 July 1944.

Mr Vakhromeyev, Kirill Varfolomeyevich
( Metropolitan Filaret)

Hero of Belarus. Awarded the title of the Honorary Citizen of Minsk on 14 October 2003 in recognition of his significant personal contribution to the public life of Minsk, the spiritual revival of the Belarusian society, development of relations between the church and the state, promotion of Christian values, and reconstruction of churches in Minsk. One of Metropolitan Filaret's greatest achievements is the consolidation of the Belarusian Orthodox Church, and the construction of new churches in Minsk.

Mr Vysotsky, Mikhail Stepanovich (1928-2013)

Hero of Belarus, Belarusian scientist and mechanical engineering constructor, public figure, corresponding member, Academician of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, Doctor of Engineering Sciences, Professor, Honored Worker of Science and Technology of Belarus, Honored Industrial Worker of the Soviet Union. One of the initiators of the large-scale bus production at Minsk Automobile Plant and the designer of their first models jointly with German Neoplan. Developed methods for designing high-capacity trucks and road-trains.

Mr Gromov, Alexander Matveyevich (1926-1998)

Hero of Socialist Labor, Honored Builder of the Belarusian Soviet Socialist Republic. Veteran of the Great Patriotic War. Took part in the construction of the building of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the dormitory of the Belarusian National Technical University, the engineering building of the Minsk metro, The Oktyabrskaya Hotel, the Raubichi Sports Center, and many other facilities.

Mr Yelizaryev, Valentin Nikolayevich

Ballet-master, Honored Figure of Art of the Belarusian Soviet Socialist Republic, People's Artist of Belarus, People's Artist of the Soviet Union, Academician of the International Slavic Academy of Sciences, Education, Arts and Culture, and also of the Imperial Academy of Sciences and Arts in St. Petersburg, Professor of the Belarusian State Academy of Music. Chief ballet-master at the State Opera and Ballet Theater of Belarus since 1973. Art director of the National Bolshoi Ballet Theater of Belarus in 1996-2009. Winner of the Benois de la Danse Prix of the International Dance Competition under the UNESCO aegis (Paris, 1996).

Mr Zhizhel, Ivan Matveyevich (1904-1982)

Hero of Socialist Labor, Belarusian statesman, honored builder of the BSSR. Veteran of the Great Patriotic War. Worked at the State Planning Committee (Gosplan) of the BSSR since 1944. He also worked as the head of the Main Department for Rural Construction at the Council of Ministers of the BSSR. New facilities of Minsk Automobile Plant and Minsk Tractor Works, the buildings of the Belarusian State University and the Victory Monument in Victory Square in Minsk were built under his supervision.

Mr Kolychev, Nikolai Ivanovich (1918-2000)

Hero of the Soviet Union, commander of the tank platoon that was one of the first tank divisions to enter Minsk by the Moscow motorway, seized the only surviving bridge on the Svisloch River, and prevented the enemy from exploding it, which enabled to lliberate the city quicker. Kolychev's unit captured and neutralized more than 100 Nazi gunners and several heavy guns transported by the Nazis to the new defense line. After the war he served in the Soviet Army, worked at a plant in Kuybyshev.

Mr Lavrinovich, Mikhail Fyodorovich (1929-2008)

Industrialist, one of the organizers of the automobile industry in Belarus, honored machine builder of Belarus. He worked his way up from a regular worker to director general of BelavtoMAZ Production Association. With his direct participation, the Belarusian automotive industry designed a wide range of equipment with the lifting capacity from 8 to 250 tonnes, and launched the production of modern urban buses.

Mr Losik, Oleg Aleksandrovich (1915-2012)

Hero of the Soviet Union, marshal of panzer troops. He took part in the battles to liberate Minsk. The tank brigade led by Colonel Losik broke down the resistance of the enemy near the village of Gorodishche in the vicinity of Minsk and entered the city in the vanguard of the Soviet troops in the morning of 3 July. Losik's brigade received the honorary title Minskaya.

Mr Luchenok, Igor Mikhailovich

People's Artist of the USSR and BSSR, honored figure of arts of Belarus, Professor, chairman of the Belarusian Union of Composers. Within 35 years of his composing career, Luchenok has created magnificent chorale and symphony programs, pieces of chamber and instrumental music, choir music, functional music reflecting the love for the native city. The Star of Igor Luchenok was unveiled in the Square of Stars in Moscow on 5 October 1999.

Mr Medved, Alexander Vasilyevich

Seven-time world champion, three-time freestyle wrestling Olympic champion, honored master of sport of the USSR, honored figure of physical training of Belarus, honored coach of Belarus and the USSR, Professor. He was honored with the Best Freestyle Wrestler of the 20th century award. The international tournament for the prize of Alexander Medved has been held in Belarus since 1970.

Mr Mitskevich, Viktor Iosifovich

Honored builder of the BSSR. He has been working at Spetsstroy construction company No. 15 for more than 40 years, including 23 years as its director. For many years the company has been building and renovating such vital facilities in Minsk as heating networks, sewage conduits and water supply systems, streets and roads, water inlets and pumping stations, objects of the Minsk aeration station, the Minsk metro. He helped organize the production of pavement tiles, commercial concrete and cement mixtures, reinforced concrete pipes to satisfy the demand of the company's objects and the city for these building materials.

Mr Olovnikov, Vladimir Vladimirovich (1919-1996)

Composer, Honored Art Worker of the BSSR, People's Artist of the BSSR, Professor. Taught at Belarusian State Conservatory (was its rector in 1962-1982). The author of symphonic pieces Partizanskaya Byl (Partisan Story), Pesni Mira (Songs of Peace), Partizanskiye Pesni (Partisan Songs), Naroch, chamber instrumental and vocal music, choral music, romances, famous songs Rodina Moya Dorogaya (My Dear Motherland), Lesnaya Pesnya (Forest Song), Gdyeto V Posyolke (Somewhere In The Town), and others. Wrote children's music, music for theater and cinema.

Ms Osipova, Maria Borisovna (1908-1999)

Member of the Minsk anti-fascist underground movement and the partisan movement in Minsk Oblast during the Great Patriotic War. During the war, she organized an underground resistance group in Minsk, was a messenger for the partisan groups "Nikolay Nikitin", "Dimy", "Mestnye", "Dyadya Kolya". Helped deliver arms and munitions to partisans, rescue Soviet prisoners of war and ghetto prisoners, provide them with documents and send them to partisan units. One of the organizers of the assassination of Generalkommissar Wilhelm Kube.

Mr Pavlov, Mikhail Yakovlevich (1952-2010)

hairman of Minsk City Hall from 2000 to 2009, Honored Worker of the Manufacturing Sector of Belarus. Made considerable contribution to the social, economic, scientific, technical and cultural development of the Belarusian capital, and to the promotion of the city's international image.

Mr Savitsky, Mikhail Andreyevich (1922-2011)

People's Artist of the USSR, People's Artist of the BSSR, Honored Art Worker of the BSSR, member of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus and the Russian Academy of Arts. Made considerable contribution to the spiritual culture of the Belarusian capital. His most eminent works are Partisan Madonna, The Legend of Minai Shmyrev, Children of War, the series of paintings Numbers on the Heart, and many others.

Mr Skurko, Yevgeny Ivanovich (1912-1995)
(Maksim Tank)

Hero of Socialist Labor, People's Poet of the BSSR, member of the Academy of Sciences of the BSSR. Poet, writer and translator, author of poetry books On Stages, Under the Mast, Sharpen the Arms, Through the Fiery Horizon, Naroch Pines, and others. Wrote for children. Belarusian State Pedagogical University is named after Maksim Tank.

Mr Sharapov, Vasily Ivanovich (1916-2017)

Belarusian statesman, veteran of the Great Patriotic War. Was severely wounded during Operation Bagration and had his leg amputated. Served as a party official since 1944, was chairman of Minsk City Hall in 1955-1968. Contributed to the establishment of the companies Minskstroy, Minskvodokanal and Mingas that played a key role in the development of the infrastructure of the Belarusian capital. Served for 14 years as BSSR minister for construction and roads. Held many high state awards.

Mr Yankovsky, Rostislav Ivanovich (1930-2016)

People's Artist of Belarus, People's Artist of the USSR. Joined the Maksim Gorky National Academic Drama Theater in 1957. Played over 100 roles in classical and modern plays. Being a real professional with an outstanding ability to capture the psychology of characters and literary nuances, an innate sense of grace, and a unique acting style, he made hundreds of memorable theater and film appearances that are now part of the Belarusian cultural heritage.

Mr Yarmolenko, Anatoly Ivanovich

People's Artist of Belarus. Art director and leading singer of the creative association Studiya Syabry. Was first to perform many famous songs by Belarusian and Russian composers. Made considerable contribution to the cultural development of Minsk, spiritual and patriotic education of the youth, and promotion of the Belarusian culture abroad.